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Class action claims, no matter what the subject matter is, require deep resources, cutting-edge technology, and excellent data collection, discovery, and organizational techniques. Our Albuquerque law firm has been involved in the defense of several class actions, including claims involving biometric information and personal identifiers and pharmaceuticals. We have the experience and organizational talent to address these complex and difficult types of claims with organizational talent and strategic proficiency. 

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit that can be brought in state or federal court. This is done on behalf of a group of people or businesses that have experienced similar injuries due to a defendant's actions. At least one entity or individual will need to be a representative of the group.

How to File a Class Action Lawsuit in New Mexico

Because of the complexities that come with class action lawsuits, we recommend working with an experienced attorney who can provide the legal knowledge you need for your shift.  Our Albuquerque class action lawyers at Atkinson, Baker & Rodriguez, P.C. can explain everything you need to know to file a class action lawsuit in New Mexico.

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